The Pitfalls of Fitness, Personal Training and How to Correct It

I’m autograph this article for anyone who has anytime been a claimed trainer, a training appellant or alternating at any affiliated of the exercise business structure. Thousands of aloft claimed trainers, admirers and managers are done out of this industry on a circadian base due to a few aloft pitfalls. It’s taken me ten years to amateur what these pitfalls are, how to abjure them and added chiefly how to capitalize on them! I’m traveling to alpha by advertence the attainable issues for both trainers and admirers and aswell some of the not so attainable pitfalls that conceivably the trainer or appellant are dark of!


I’m starting with this one because it impacts anybody involved. Paying for a claimed trainer is EXPENSIVE. There is no way about this fact. Trainers who are crazily acclimation are usually that way because they aren’t complete good, don’t after-effects after-effects and aren’t in demand. Now acutely there are exceptions to every aphorism but in accustomed a lot of would acquire that you get what you pay for in a lot of any industry. The affliction that is created in the accustomed business archetypal of claimed training is that it exploits both trainers and clients. The trainer has to accusation an great aggregate for claimed training because the gym is demography the majority of the money in bargain for accepting the trainer to use the facility. In abounding cases the trainer works for the gym and the gym is aggravating to get their cut of the activity fee. This is the NUMBER ONE accuracy you see claimed training sessions in the $70-$100/hour abuttals above the country. It’s NOT because you are accepting a top of the bandage trainer who commands that affectionate of money because they are in “demand” (trainers who are in address accusation upwards of $150/hour). In simple acceding you are paying “retail” for your claimed training. Now some of you adeptness be paying “wholesale” by hiring a trainer who has his own adeptness or will arise to your home for a lower fee usually in the $45-$70 range. Even at a ample bulk you’re traveling to acquire to achieve to $600+/month for claimed training.

Half hour sessions:

Now you adeptness be aphorism “Brenden, what about bisected hour sessions? My gym offers them for acutely reasonable prices and they acquire to work.” While this adeptness be authentic there are complete caveats to business the “30 minute” workout. One such admonition is that the bulk is below and for the majority of ancient time exercise admirers 30 annual is not able time to abstract someone’s analysis to the rigors of a claimed training session. It’s artlessly not abounding time to actuate acclimation beef imbalances and still acquire time to broil abounding calories to acquire cogent results. Now acutely every appellant is adapted and occasionally you may acquire a appellant or two who you’re able to advanced complete apprenticed but for the majority of board America they crave added time.


This babble is the accuracy that I stepped ashamed and looked at the way I was accomplishing business and changed. Admirers quit. Period. They either adeptness their appetite and no best allegation you, they don’t adeptness their appetite either because they didn’t hunt admonition or their trainer was inadequate, they run out of money or they artlessly get ailing of seeing you because they acquire able with you for so long. No bulk what, CLIENTS QUIT. In my associate the majority of admirers I’ve had move on was for adequate reason. Usually they able their appetite and no best acquainted the allegation to blot so abounding on claimed 1 on 1 assimilation or they developed abounding conduct and adeptness that they acquainted they could do it on their own. In both of those cases I was consistently adored and base because it meant that I had done my job so able that I was now out of a job. What a dilemma! The majority of trainers are 2-3 admirers abandonment away from accepting in ascetic cyberbanking agitation and I was actually one of those.

Burn out:

Being a accustomed trainer is a acerbic sword. If you’re a trainer who’s actually adequate but doesn’t acquire a lot of admirers you’re broke. If you’re a trainer who is consistently training 35-40 sessions a ceremony because you are alive and accustomed you run a huge blow of accepting ascetic out. I’ve been this trainer as well. Accepting a claimed trainer is a VERY aggressive career abnormally if you’re annual your salt. It’s physically backbreaking to be on your all-overs training 11 hours a day ashamed to ashamed to ashamed as able as mentally backbreaking aggravating to not abandoned blot your admirers but aswell get them results, cantankerous the gym and accessories while accepting acquainted of added gym goers and trainers all the while accurate constant your appellant has able analysis and is bold the exercise carefully (As a accessory calendar I 100% acquire that the multitasking abilities I abstract as a Claimed Trainer acquire assisted me in accepting a abandoned antecedent added than abolishment else).

In my able appraisal the optimum bulk of sessions is amidst 18-25 sessions per week. This ensures that the trainer isn’t accepting ascetic out and that ceremony appellant including that 7pm on a Friday is accepting according assimilation and care. Now I apperceive what you’re traveling to say “Brenden, how am I declared to achieve a alive abandoned training 25 sessions per week!? I can’t abide off of that!” To that I would say…

Leverage yourself.

The band-aid that I acquire activate for Claimed Trainers as able as admirers is apostle and simple. The abandoned band-aid is a win-win. That bureau that admirers pay below for training, trainers alternation below and achieve added money and anybody wins (except those behemothic gym corporations…but they acquire been “winning” for years, I ahead it’s time the bodies who achieve the auto changeabout prosper!). What you acquire to ask yourself is how do trainers and admirers advantage ceremony other’s time, money and expertise? The acceptance is…


For trainers this bureau accepting different streams of income. A lot of trainers acquaint supplements to their admirers that are pushed by the gym achievement in the hopes of ancestry added income. Unfortunately a lot of of the supplements that are pushed don’t work, are big-ticket and are delivered in an out of date accumulation acclimation (pills). What if trainers and admirers had a adapted arrangement? What if a appellant could acquire a acerbic angle achievement that produced alarming after-effects for a nominal fee? What if a trainer could board a way for admirers to not abandoned advance after-effects through supplementation but could aswell activity a way for admirers to annual the costs of claimed training by alive them into a acclimation that in actuality helped them “EARN” money for accepting a client? Does this complete too adequate to be true? It isn’t. It’s a complete absolute advantage for all of those trainers and admirers who acquire the eyes for the “BIG” picture! What I’m talking about is not architectonics a “clientele” but a “team”. What I’m talking about is the Hublife opportunity!

I’ve been breadth you acquire been. I’ve credible what you acquire credible as exercise professionals. It doesn’t acquire to be done this way. There is an addition that can abetment both Claimed Trainers and Admirers by accouterment a car to transform their lives, exercise and income! I’ve activate that answer.